Technics SU-C1000M2/SE-A1000M2  (Country :Japan 1997 )


Technics SU-C1000m2 – 65,000yen/633 USD (1997)


Control amplifier which adopted the battery drive system.

The nickel-Cd battery is adopted as the power source for audio circuitries, and the noise of a power circuit is reduced sharply.
this battery is x8 type only for in-series, and can exchange from a front. Moreover, if it discharges, it will change to the usual power source automatically, and the battery is designed become condensation mode.
The high-quality sound electrolytic capacitor using the separator which blended the bamboo fiber is adopted as a power source capacitor.
This capacitor has blended the bamboo fiber with the separator which influences an electric and a mechanical property, and is reducing equivalent-series-resistance components.
The core cross section has adopted circular R core transformer as a power transformer, and the leakage of the slight magnetic flux from a transformer is reduced.
The ill effect to a tone quality is eliminated by giving silver palladium / golden cladding to the contact of the relay for an input switching. The hybrid material of the increased specific gravity excellent in vibration suppression nature is adopted as the front panel. The wired remote control termination in which power-source ON/OFF of power amplifier SE-A1000mk2 is possible is carried. In order to correspond to a by amplifier drive, two pre output-terminals are carried. The OFC power cord with a polar window is adopted.
The input/output terminal to which gilding was given is adopted.
The OCC wire rod is adopted as internal-wiring material.
The system remote control which can control the compact disk player of technics, a cassette deck, and a tuner is attached.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 01052015577-1024x768.jpg

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Technics SE-A1000M2 – 75,000 yen/ 730USD  (1997)


Power amplifier which adopted MOS class AA amplifier.(85 w )

MOS class AA amplifier is adopted and high-quality sound-ization is attained by combining the frequency characteristic, the pure Class-A voltage control amplifier which used MOS FET excellent in the linearity, and the current-supply-source amplifier which consisted of bipolar transistors with drive power on a class AA bridge.The separator which blended the bamboo fiber is adopted as the electrolytic capacitor for smooth of a power circuit. Pure driving force has been conjointly obtained with the enhancement of the aluminum foil and the electrolytic solution which were selected carefully.

SE-a1000m2-inside-TA-KE II capacitorsse-a1000mk21

According to a ’97 Technics Catalogue Bi-Amp connection  can lead to greater realism and richness in stereo.


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