Technics ST-3400

Newer tuners from Technics -ST-G70, ST-GT350/650 with RDS and Remote look like toys when compared to this “antiquity” . Not only by its look, but in the way it performs : remarkable . Quality receival of most FM stations is guranteed even without attaching an external antenna.

Country : Japan Price in Year of apparition -45.000 Yen

AM/FM Stereo Tuner -1971

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Analogue

FM Tuning Range: 88 to 108 MHz

MW Tuning Range: 525 to 1605 kHz

Sensitivity: 1.7uV (FM), 15uV (MW)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 48dB (FM)

Distortion: 0.2% (FM)

Selectivity: 65dB (FM), 30dB (MW)

Frequency response: 40Hz to 13kHz (FM)

Output: 400mV

Dimensions: 410 x 140 x 300mm

Weight: 8.1kg

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