Technics RS-AZ6 – Made in Japan around 1999. It’s an awesome product especially for audiophiles.

It  has exactly the same specifications as the best item of the series,  AZ7 so there is no loosing out in sound quality. This deck makes well recorded sources sound like CD’s or even better in some respects. The auto calibration facility makes sure recordings are done the best they can according to the tape in the machine.

The Amorphous head  that Technics use –Thin Film Head, also known as the Amorphous-Z or Magneto-Resistive Head – does the job that it is supposed to, keep it clean that is all it needs for many years of cassette listening pleasure The  user may get the maximum out of any tape all of the time.

Combined thin film heads and thin-film playback heads were jointly financed and developed by the Matsushita Corporation and Philips, with some technical input from the Sharp Corporation in respect of the former. The original intention was to produce a stationary head for the magnetic laydown and readback of data streams for the new DCC (Digital Compact Cassette).

Technical Details   : 3 Head
– Amorphous Z head WRMS 0.07%;- Frequency (DIN) Normal: 20Hz-18kHz CrO2:20Hz-19kHz Metal: 20Hz-24kHz (better than a CD player – 22050 Hz (44.1kHzsample rate))- S/N ratio Dolby C inactive: 71 dB Dolby C active: 78 dB
– High speed rewinding: 50 sec. for 60 minutes cassette

Display: 4-Digıt Digital Counter /Linear Tape Counter/Digital Peak-Reading Meters

Transport :Sìngle Capsŧan Transport Belt Drive (Capsŧan) Motorized Tape Loading

Auto Shutoff

– TPS (works also with high speed rewinding)
– Great ATC (auto tape calibration) in one step (because the 3 Head)
– Automatic cassette tray –
Remote control sensor  -Technics amplifiers  remote control suitable.



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