Country Japan            89,800yen(around the 1987 time)                              

The Integrated Amplifier which carries a digital analog converter.

4DACs and 18-bit conversion system are adopted as a D-A-conversion part.
In 4DACs and 18-bit conversion system, two digital analog converters which carry out the independent process of + component and – component of an input signal are carried in each channel of L/R, and it is considered as 4DAC conversion system which uses a total of four digital analog converters. In this circuitry, first, by newly developed 4DAC processor LSI, the signal of + and – is distinguished out of the inputted digital signal, two digital analog converters are switched and the high-speed treatment of these signals is carried out. The D-A conversion which zero cross distortion does not generate theoretically by this is realized.
Moreover, adoption of 4DAC processor LSI etc. has realized an 18-bit operation of a digital analog converter in the mean-value music level not more than -12dB. This has acquired analog signal waveform regeneration capacity with more faithful adoption and interval of the digital filter of a 4 time oversampling 18bit scheme.
The performance analysis and audition which were put into practice also among the selection of the audio peculiar part are carrying out the careful selection using of high purity OCC and the OFC material at an in-use cage, an internal wiring, or the lead wire of each part.


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