Technics SU-V10X

Country:Japan 128,000yen(around the 1986 time)

Integrated amplifier which carries the high-quality play and possibilities corresponding to the full-scale design-aid age.

The ill effect from the output stage resulting from the speaker load intensity which has adopted the stream composition and is changed at the time of a real drive in the gain control circuits which formed highly efficient operational amplifier in the predrive stage is eliminated, and the distorted occurrence in the predrive stage itself is suppressed.

By carrying a power linear circuit, the linearity in an output stage is improved and the high-definition speaker drive is realized.
The microcomputer has canceled the transitional distortion of an output stage in real time by computer drive. Moreover, by linear feedback, the independent feedback circuit which enables an infinite amplification is constituted in a NFB loop, and distortion of an audible region is reduced. Furthermore, switching distortion and crossover distortion are canceled by the bias circuit made to become independent of a signal system.


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