Technics SU-A6MK2 100,000yen (1983 release)

Country : Japan

Built -to -order  Control amplifier wide D range design. Designed to be paired with SE-A5MK2

Overall better sound then any other pre-amplifiers made by Technics.

The low noise interrupt-control-logic equalizer circuitry of MC basic design is carried in the equalizer part by the parallel FET differential.
The newly developed wide dynamic-range volume which improves a practical use SN ratio greatly is adopted, and the failure of the SN ratio by resistor transition is prevented by combining a low-impedance volume and highly efficient drive amplifier.
A 2-ohm low-power-output impedance is realized by carrying SEPP buffer amplifier, and there is no high region failure by the shielding wire in the case of carrying out the remote setting of the power amplifier.

A video input termination is put side by side to four input terminals, video/aux1, TV/aux2, tape2/VTR, and tape3/DAtape, and an image can also be switched by an input selector.

video/aux1 input which can switch and use a front / rear termination is carried.

The rec selector & tapes monitor switchpoint which can use the three decks is carried.

It has a super bass and a super treble and the original shelving control which enables a more effective voice correction is carried. Control functionalities, such as a Subsonic Filter and an audio muting,, computer control terminal are carried.


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