sl-ps7 a

The Technics SL-PS7 Hi-Fi CD Player

Made in Germany, 1999-2000  Year

MASH* 1-bit DAC (24 bit High fs Processing) for High Quality Sound
Digital Re-Master Processing
TA-KEH II Capacitor and THCB for High Quality Sound
Newly developed TUI-Core transformer with low leakage flux
Virtual battery operation reduces noise from the power supply circuit
High slow rate, low distortion and low noise operation amp
Anti-vibration Technics hybrid die-cast panel
Optical digital output and gold plated analogue output terminals
Convenient CD editing function: edit guide, time fade, peak level search
Illuminated play (green) and pause (amber) keys
Centre disc tray design and centrally located optical mechanism for weight distribution
Auto cue pauses playback at the very beginning of the first sound on any selected track.
Remote control with 10-key direct access
10-key direct access on main unit
20-selection random access programming
Multi-function FL display with music matrix
Headphone jack with volume control

The replacement laser unit was a Philips VAM1202 ( 10  )




interno-1Laser  Unit Philips VAM 1202

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