Technics SE-A5MK

2150,000yen(1983 release-Japan)

An output stage is total as a three-step Darlington stream composition which uses the high resisting pressure transistor of Pc150W by 2 Para interconnection, and has gained 1.2kW Pc. Moreover, a power circuit is the right-and-left independent design of a mass capacitor using of large-sized transformer of 390VA, and 80 V.8200micro-Fx4, and has eliminated the interference between channels.

The power linear circuit original with technics is carried.
This developed the circuitry technology of the linear feedback, brings the effect to an amplifier output stage, raises a linearity by leaps and bounds, and is suppressing distortion by the low-impedance load intensity of the speaker produced at the moment at a moment.

It is carrying the original computer drive circuitry and introducing a computer into a bias control of a signal system,Transient crossover distortion is canceled by always driving the output transistor which repeats a rapid temperature change according to a transition of a music signal with the optimal idling electric current (ICQ).

The linear feedback circuit (LFB) is carried. This is a thing in which an independent feedback circuit which enables an infinite amplification in a NFB loop was formed, theoretical value distorted = zero are realized, and at least 20kHz of infinity and a upper limit of the outstanding distorted reduction effects of 40dB or more are mostly acquired at the lower limit of an audible region.

The synchro bias circuit is carried, by supplying a fixed bias synchronizing with the pause cycle of an output transistor, the output stage was always set to the active state, and switching distortion is canceled. Furthermore, by making a bias-current circuitry become independent of a signal system, crossover distortion was minimum-ized, it is efficient and the clear tone quality of a Class-A operation is realized.

The concentrated power block was adopted, the output stage and the power-source part were unified with the skillful stream composition, and the ill effect of the electromagnetic field leading to a high region distorted occurrence is cut off.

The pure electronic formula protection network by computer control is carried.

The large-sized power meter in which a Direct reading is possible without a range change in from the minute output of 0.0001W to 300W is carried.



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