Portable Stereo CD System Panasonic RX-DT401


Panasonic RX-DT401-Boombox

Country :Singapore 1993


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After 20 years I had the occasion  to see available for sale one of this great Panasonic artworks RX-DT401. I ‘ve been an owner of newer RX-DT650 and I was expecting for a similar sound. The volume potentiometer wasn’t in a good state so it was replaced with a new one by an experienced Panasonic engineer; the tuner frequencies were adjusted too . No other adjustments were required for a smooth operation.

I was surprised to hear a nice sound on CD and to most radio stations, even on DanceFm.ro, my favorite, that doesn’t have a good broadcast. Bass and treble are impressive, even if there are no tweeters near the big speakers.

People saying these kind of items are “antiquities” would change their opinion if sound could be heard. Actual players with new technology as USB or Bluetooth are overpassed in power and fidelity by this old stuff.


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