Luxman CL-350 For sale as a set with M-150 – 2000€

Solid State Stereo Control Centre- Made in Japan (1974-78)

A wonderful piece of Luxman Audio History. Technically, this is an ever lasting masterpiece with following features: 2 phono inputs, adjustable level and impendance, 5 high level inputs and 2 pre outs It was designed to match the M150 power amplifier and the similarly styled T-300 tuner. Its main features were the elaborate tone controls and its ability to connect to a variety of equipment, even two step up transformers for phono. The specifications are good and the performance is very good The control knobs are split so they may be set separately for the left and right channels.

Electronic parts were replaced with new ones by our specialized engineer, wood case were refreshed at a master carpenter..

Before ..and after improved wood condition.
after replacement capacitors / volume potentiometer
My deep respect for the engineer and all his work to set item as new!
1975 Manual
” Timeless Warranty “

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