Yamaha NS-20M

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Yamaha NS-20M

Country: Japan (1984-1986)

A rare set of Yamaha NS-20M monitors, the big brothers to Yamaha’s famous NS-10s. These are very, very clear monitors that feature a very articulate and honest high end and upper mid-range. These may incorporate nicely into a home hi-fi setup or make great reference monitors for a studio or mixing scenario. Sound is superb.RARE YAMAHA NS-20M MONITORS

-8″ pure Spruce cone composite Woofer
-Titanium carbide dome Midrange
-Titanium carbide dome Tweeter
-Sensitivity: 91dB/w/m
-Impedance: 6 Ohm
-Nominal Power: 80 Watts
-Music Power Input: 160 Watts
-Dimensions: 10.6” Wide, 16.1” Tall, 10” Deep Weight: 9,5 Kg


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